The Body Shop Vitamin E Line

Vitamin E MoistuizerEver since I switched skin care products around 6 months ago I started breaking out like crazy. I was using the Vichy Normaderm line. Thinking that this was just because it was a new product that my face was adjusting to I continued to use it thinking it would get better. I was wrong. I stopped using that and still found that no matter what product I used my skin still wasn’t clear like it used to be. In fact it was far from clear. The only thing I could think of was the cleansers I was using were just too harsh for my skin, making it overproduce oil and causing it to break it. I went into The Body Shop and decided to try their Vitamin E line. Since vitamin e is a natural antioxident, it mositurizes and helps to protect against premature aging and environmental factors that damage the skin such as pollution and the sun. Because it is a cream cleanser it adds moisture to your skin. Something I desperately needed! It’s the perfect way to protect your skin for the future as well as taking care of it right now.

Another fantastic product in this line is the cream exfoliator. Unlike other exfoliators that can be harsh on your skin, The Body Shop provides the perfect amount of creaminess and exfoliation to leave your skin feeling fresh as well as soft and moisturized. It unclogs your pores without irritating your skin. It’s by far the best exfoliator I have used so far.

What to do after you exfoliate? Moisturize of course. I can’t say it enough moisture, moisture, moisture!! If your skin is really dry if you live in a cold winter climate like myself you have to try the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream. It’s a silky moisturizer that locks in hydration and protects the skin. Some of the ohter ingredients it includes are olive oil and shea butter which are both community traded; another good thing about the body shop!The Body Shop

Looking for something not so heavy? Try the Vitamin E Illumintaing Moisture Cream. It provides a healthy luminous glow and also helps to minimize the appearance of fine line.
What’s even better about this line? Compared to other skin care products this line is a steal! With prices ranging from $14.00- $20.00 you can’t go wrong. While it may be more then the common drugstore brand, its much less then what you would get in the Derm section of your drugstore and in my opinion, so much better.
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